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ALLAN HOFFENBLUM - Publisher Emeritus

Allan Hoffenblum managed numerous campaigns for federal, state and local offices and ballot propositions.  Prior to opening his own political consulting firm in 1979, he served as Staff Director of the Assembly’s Republican Caucus of the California Legislature and as a Political Coordinator for the California Republican Party.  Mr. Hoffenblum has been a part-time faculty instructor on political management at UC Davis & UCLA Extensions and, from 2003 through 2005, appeared twice weekly as a political commentator on KCAL- 9 TV in Los Angeles.  Mr. Hoffenblum passed away on October 2, 2015, but the Editors of the Target Book recognize him as Publisher Emeritus. 

Editorial Board 


Darry Sragow is a veteran Democratic political consultant. From 1996 through 2002, he was the chief campaign strategist for the Assembly Democratic Caucus, reporting directly to the Speaker of the Assembly. He has also served as campaign manager for former Senator Alan Cranston, former Lt. Governor Leo McCarthy and gubernatorial candidate Al Checchi and has worked with Senator Dianne Feinstein, former Controller Steve Westly and Rep. John Garamendi. He is currently the Managing Partner of the Los Angeles office of the international law firm of SNR Denton and an Adjunct Lecturer of Political Science at USC.


Al Pross, a co-founder of the Target Book, is one of California’s top political action-public affairs consultants. His clients have included major business, association and union organizations. He was a top aide to Leo McCarthy while he was the Democratic Speaker of the Assembly. When McCarthy became the Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore, Pross served as his chief of staff.  He later served as Vice President of Public Affairs for the California Cable TV Association and directed California Medical Association’s Political Action Committee, CALPAC.  Mr. Pross has also managed numerous Democratic campaigns for federal, state and local candidates and ballot propositions and is an independent expenditure specialist.


Victor Griego is a nationally recognized political strategist, facilitator and organizer with twenty-five years of experience in political, grassroots and community organizing.  He founded Diverse Strategies for Organizing (DSO) in 1990, which is a highly visible organization in the Latino community through its involvement in political and community campaigns.  Prior to that, he served as Staff Director for the Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union – Local 11. Upon graduating from college, he worked as an organizer for the United Farmworkers Union and later as a Field Representative/Chief of Staff for then-Assembly Member Richard Alatorre.  He is currently a Visiting Lecturer at CSU Los Angeles, member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and a faculty advisor with the Southwest Voter Registration Academy.  Mr. Griego’s most recent project is the production of a cable television show that highlights the positive relationships between African Americans and Latinos in Los Angeles County.


A California native, Deborah Howard became involved in politics in 1978, organizing a student voter registration drive. She has been engaged in public policy at the federal, state and local levels ever since. Her career took her to Washington where she worked for a trade association representing labor and management in the maritime industry, the US Department of Labor, and AARP. Returning to California in 1992, Deborah joined Goddard Claussen providing outreach and coalition building for many of the firm’s ballot initiatives. She currently serves as Executive Director of the California Senior Advocates League and is the founder and principal of Indigo West Public Affairs Consulting.  



Dr. Tony Quinn is an authority on California political trends and demographics.  He served on the Assembly Republican redistricting staff in both 1971 and 1981 reapportionments and advised Los Angeles County on the 1991 redistricting. He served three years as an assistant to the California Attorney General, is a former director of the Office of Economic Research in the Department of Commerce, and for five years served as a member of the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). Dr. Quinn has written extensively on California politics and elections.


TOM SHORTRIDGE - Associate Publisher

Associate Publisher Tom Shortridge is a Senior Vice President of the Svorinich Companies, a leading Los Angeles-based government relations, political consulting firm.  He has been working in CA politics for over 25 years, including several years as the chief district representative to a Republican Assembly Member. He has managed scores of campaigns for city council and special districts. He currently serves as a consultant to the Torrance Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee.

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