California Target Book

Organizational Ratings of Incumbents

The Target Book includes organizational ratings for all incumbent legislators.

The ratings are taken from each organization's yearly ratings. They give a score from 0 -100, indicating the percentage of time a Legislator votes the organization’s way on selected issues.


League of Conservation Voters LCV
Sierra Club SC
Planned Parenthood PP
Equality California EQ
California Labor Federation CLF
California Teachers Association CTA
United Domestic Workers UDW
Humane Society HS
League of California Cities LCC
California Federation of Consumers CFC
California Manufacturers and Technology Association CMTA
California Chamber of Commerce CCC
California Taxpayers Association CTAX
Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association HJTA
Capitol Resource Institute CRI
National Rifle Association NRA
American Conservative Union ACU

*All State Legislator Ratings have been compiled from the 2015 year-end scorecards, with the exception of the NRA ratings, which use the most recent score available.


Americans for Democratic Action ADA
American Civil Liberties Union ACLU
American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees AFSCME
League of Conservation Voters LCV
National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League. NARAL
Human Rights Campaign HRC
United States Chamber of Commerce COC
Club For Growth CFG
Family Research Council FRC
Gun Owners of America GOA
American Conservative Union ACU


Ethnic voter registration numbers come from 2014 voter registration lists that have been merged by a computer with an “ethnic dictionary of common last names” indicating the percentage of Spanish-surname and Asian-surname registered voters within each district.

There are no surname lists that have been recognized as predictive of persons who are African American.  

Gary Brown and Paul Mitchell with Political Data, Inc. compiled the ethnic registration data.


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