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2018 Election Cycle

Why do so many of California’s major corporations, labor unions, professional trade associations, political action committees (PACs), broadcast and print media, universities and libraries, along with elected officials, legislative advocates, political consultants and pollsters subscribe to the California Target Book?

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Established in 1993, the California Target Book gives non-partisan, unbiased information to all who want to be kept fully informed and up-to-date on congressional and state legislative election campaigns in California.

The online edition includes a comprehensive set of tools for keeping up-to-date on every aspect of California's political system.

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District-by-district coverage of each of the 80 Assembly, 20 even-numbered state Senate and 53 Congressional districts up for election, along with district maps, vote histories, party registration, minority voter registration, and profiles on all candidates in the June 5th, 2018 Primary.

County Government coverage of all 58 California Counties and each of the 296 Supervisorial Districts throughout the state, along with county district maps, historical census and voter registration data.

In-depth coverage of ballot initiatives along with detailed financial data for the organizations supporting and opposing them.

Detailed campaign finance reports
for each legislative candidate. The data is compiled daily from the California Secretary of State's Office and the Federal Election Commission, tracking both campaign contributions and spending in a clear format. In addition, subscribers can easily track independent expenditure committee spending in California state Senate and Assembly races, along with also on a daily basis.


A legislation browser examining each piece of legislation from the current session, with breakdowns of the voting detail as it progresses from committee to floor.  In addition, subscribers can access a thorough breakdown of organizations that filed with the Secretary of State's Office to lobby that piece of legislation.


State legislator’s current voting records are available in a searchable format and updated weekly when the legislature is in session.


District census detail reports from the most recent American Community Survey 5-year estimates from the U.S Census, with deep-dives into each congressional and legislative district's age, racial, and social-economic demographics.


Precinct-level voting data providing a complete record of how every district voted on each statewide candidate, ballot measure, and legislative candidate from other bodies falling within the boundaries of that district for the 2012-2014 primary and general elections.  This data will also provide greater insight into voter registration and turnout by age, ethnic group, or party. 




Subscribers also have access to the HOT SHEET, which keeps subscribers informed on breaking political stories and the continuing activities of candidates, political parties and legislative leaders.



Many subscribers, at additional cost, desire to also receive the hard copy edition of the Target Book, an abridged version of the online edition, which includes vote histories, voter registration data and candidate profiles.

Five hard copy editions will be published during this election cycle: 2017 Spring Edition; 2017 Fall Edition; 2018 Primary Edition; 2018 General Election Edition; and 2018 Post General Election Edition.

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The California Target Book is filled with accurate and useful information for anyone interested in being well informed.

George Deukmejian
Former Governor of California

 Just about everyone involved with legislative or congressional politics calls it the California Target Book, but it’s not really a book. It’s a unique political service that keeps track of campaigns and elections in the state’s 120 legislative and 53 congressional districts.

Robert Fairbanks
Capitol Morning Report

 If you want to be an active player in Campaign 2016, you need the California Target Book.”

Kris Vosburgh
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

“If I want to know where the action is … who is running and who is not … I go directly to the California Target Book.”

Victoria G. Horton
President, California Beer and Beverage Distributors

 The California Target Book, along with the Hot Sheet, is vital in assisting me to remain fully informed on California legislative races.”

Garry South
Democratic Strategist

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